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What We Treat

Drug Addition

Drug Addition

In our 24-hour care facility, our skilled rehab professionals provide clinical… Read More

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

One can adjust to the cravings and compulsions of substance abuse, but that is rarely… Read More

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health wellness is an integrated part of any addiction recovery program, and we… Read More

What We Offer

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Drug/Alcohol Detox

Each client at ASAP Rehab receives a medical and psychiatric assessment upon admission… Learn More



We're grateful they're grateful.

"How do I even begin to express my thanks to all of you? It was just over a month ago that I was lost in a dark place with no idea where to turn for help. Thanks to the love and support of my family I was relocated to a bright light in Pasadena. I no longer have to wander in the wilderness aimlessly, instead I’ve been given another opportunity to fulfill God’s plan for my life. I am forever indebted to all of you at ASAP."
"Thank you for answering your phone when my fiancé called for help. Thank you for taking the time to intervene and walk her through the process that led me to ASAP. Thank you for opening a wonderful home and welcoming me in. If I can ever give something back to the program that means so much to me please don’t ever hesitate in calling me. I will do anything for you brother. I love you."
"Thank you for all of our office discussions and the wisdom you shared with me. I could relate to so much of what you had to say. The passion you have in your job is truly heartfelt. I knew the first time I saw your license plate I knew I’d like you. Breaking news for you though……… you’re now His 2nd favorite. Ha ha. I love you."
"Thank you for being the person who most challenged me to be a better man. You were not only the counselor that God knew that I needed, you were the big brother that pushed me to go the extra mile. The time and effort you take in all you do has influenced me greatly. I already miss talking to you brother. You always put things in the proper perspective for me. Thank you for caring enough for me to tell me the truth. I love you."
"Thank you for taking me to Bakersfield and waiting there with me. The humor that you shared with me on a daily basis was truly therapeutic. You have a joy for life that is contagious. I still have a hard time understanding why you woke us up so early that one day to clean. Couldn’t you see we were tired? Thank you for your true friendship. I love you."

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