Alcohol Interventions

ASAP offers Professional Intervention Services and referrals to many of the nation’s leading Interventionists, no matter what city or state you live in. The right time for an Intervention is as soon as possible. Our professional Intake/Admissions Coordinator can help you by answering your questions regarding scheduling an Intervention and getting your loved one into treatment.

We Are Here To Help You 24 Hours A Day

The Road Home…begins with the first step! The road to lasting recovery may take many turns and twists, and some clients have had a very challenging life before entering into treatment. That is why we offer various lengths of stay in a safe and caring residential setting. We want each of our clients to succeed.
Our program is designed to blend the best of traditional therapies and holistic approaches that encourage our clients to find happiness and freedom in a clean and sober lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interventions

Q. Is the price of the Intervention included in the price for treatment?
A. Yes, however there maybe additional charges for our Intervention Services if there are issues such as travel, extra days to complete the Intervention, or emergency issues, such as trips to the hospital. Our Intake Coordinator will be happy to answer your questions.

Q. Can I do the Intervention myself?
A. Yes you can. However in some situations it may be necessary to use a professional.

Q. Can I use my own Interventionist?
A. Absolutely 


An intervention can be the turning point necessary to start fresh and change someone’s life, ASAP Rehab offers professional intervention services for those who are in need of a specialist to help guide them through the process.


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