Alumni Program

Alumni Program

Alumni Program

The integration into our Alumni Program begins at admission. It is that important. Going home from treatment can be the next challenge in recovery. Many have fear about sustaining recovery, what is next for them in their lives, or taking on the stressors of the life they have and maintaining recovery. Staying connected to a community, having accountability and future plans for reconnection is essential.

Alumni Program Essentials

Our alumni are dedicated to supporting each other in the road of recovery. The mutual process they have shared at ASAP Rehab gives them a platform of connection, community, and support. There are several ways to stay connected to support recovery growth, recovery activity, and recovery fun. Here a few of the ways we & our Alumni provide support:

  • Follow-up support
  • Social Media Private Alumni Recovery Support Group
  • The ASAP Alumni Messenger Newsletter
  • Monthly Alumni Recovery Meeting
  • Alumni Recreational Outings camping, skiing, hiking (alumni check-in)
  • Alumni Back for the Rap Program – Come back at support current clients individually or on an Alumni Panels – Scheduled with the clinical team
  • An annual Alumni Reunion

Keeping Alumni involved and engaged in the coordination of the Alumni Program helps accountability and purpose. It is a very important part of the recovery process that is treasured by those with sustainable recovery. Stay connected!

Alumni have a shared experience much like college students and for many, it is the first time they have felt understood, and that they belong to a community. While, certainly, most parents would rather their kids belong to the “college set,” and at some point, they may, for now, this feeling of belonging is critical to recovery and maintaining it.

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