choosing alcohol treatment and drug treatment

Choosing Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment

Choosing Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment is the first step toward recovery. Knowing which treatment center and which level of care is right can be confusing. Doing your homework is important when Choosing Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment, but being properly assessed and finding quality care is paramount.

Reading about treatment centers online from THEIR websites can be helpful, reading what others say can be helpful. ALWAYS keep in mind that more people post with complaints than those with compliments for ANY product or services. However, in the complaints, apply critical thinking. Did that person have a “less than satisfactory experience” because they left treatment to use or to be with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or because they just weren’t ready to put in the work? Or is there or are there substandard or egregious practices at that center –which can occur. If so, MOVE on and find somewhere else.

Call and speak with their intake staff. Ask questions. Discuss treatment options, cost and expectations. Look for what you can expect in care – how will the treatment support your recovery. If you hear a lot about the beach, the mountains, the lakes, the sheet thread count, the pool, and all the accoutrements and not so much about the care – the therapy and group types, staff credentials, clients’ treatment goals, program methodology – then you can decide do you want a vacation or do you want to get well.

Most health insurance provides some coverage when Choosing Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment, eating disorder, mental health and substance abuse treatment. If you need assistance understanding your coverage and what your financial responsibility will be, most intake representatives will do a verification during the intake assessment process.

If you do not have health insurance when choosing drug treatment and alcohol treatment, treatment programs will discuss payment obligations and options with you. Treatment centers have different degrees of cost, depending on the level of care, the number of hours of treatment offered, the degree of medical supervision, the level of licensed and certified staff. Some facilities are privately owned, some are non-profit and others are offered by state and federal agencies.

If you or a loved one is struggling with choosing drug treatment and alcohol treatment, it is important to get help. Do not delay treatment because of financial hardship. Some programs offer partial scholarships, payment plans and financing.
When looking for help, it is most important to look at the appropriate level of care – not only the cost. There are benefits at every level of care, so seek the assistance to assess which level of care is best to start.


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