Clinical Offices

Our clients that participate in our extended care addiction treatment program, partial day treatment and intensive outpatient treatment attend daily care at our clinical offices. Each client has a primary therapist that manages their individual therapy and navigates the treatment plan initiated by the treatment team. Clients attend CBT, DBT, psycho-dynamic, psycho-educational and experiential groups offered at our clinical offices by our providers.

Clients’ psychiatric care is also managed by the consulting psychiatric team. Each client will have a psychiatric evaluation. For some, psychiatric medication can be supportive in relapse prevention, mood stabilization, and anxiety reduction. For others, medication may not be required. However, each client will have the benefit to see what they need specific to how they are feeling.

Our clinical support staff are at our clinical offices throughout the day to provide the intermittent support a client may need between groups or individual sessions. The support staff can help a client find the tools they need to manage emotions that come up or stressors they encounter, in order to pinpoint needs to process in a group or an individual session. Our treatment team is always available to our clients as they find their path to recovery.

clinical offices

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