Continuum of Care

Stability, Foundation, Recover at ASAP – ASAP Rehab provides a continuum of care that supports its clients through the process of stabilizing health & wellness, foundational sobriety and Recovery Life. Our programs offer complete detox – detox alcohol and/or drugs, restoring health, restore food/nutrition, stabilize medications, and restoring clarity of mind. Our treatment programs help build a recovery foundation with each client based on their needs. At this level, the client deepens their recovery work, connects with feelings, heals traumas and resolves grief & loss, and rebuilds/repairs relationships. Finally, in the transitional level, the client recovers their LIFE! For some, they may be building a life they have never known. In our Recovery Life Academy, each client works on life skills they need, repairs or builds credit, manages money, gets a job, goes to school, continues recovery work – gives back – sponsor others.

Each level of care includes personalized treatment planning, comprehensive therapies, life coaching plans, and more.

Residential Treatment

ASAP Rehab provides residential treatment in beautiful homes in Pasadena, California. This is where the work begins, change happens, and joy in life can be found again or perhaps experienced for the first time.

The safety and support of the staff and recovery community is a gives the client an opportunity to focus learning about the disease of addiction, understand underlying causes driving these behaviors, healing their grief, loss or PTSD and gain the tools necessary to build a Recovery Life.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox

At ASAP Rehab, we offer medically supervised detox services, in addition to our drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Detoxing from some substances, especially alcohol & benzodiazepines, can be life-threatening. That is why we a doctor who manages the detox process. The doctor assesses the client and prescribes the appropriate course for treatment, as well as ensuring the client remains in good health. The appropriate detox method will depend on the substance to which a person is addicted and the duration that he or she has been using. It may include using certain drugs to appease the symptoms of withdrawal, such as headaches and nausea.

Typically, a person undergoing the detox services at ASAP Rehab will stay for 3-10 days, although we do not rush the process. Clients are welcome to stay for as long as it takes. During the detox treatment, the client can participate in our group therapy sessions and meet one on one with our therapist, as long as they are physically well enough to do so.

Choosing to enroll in our residential or outpatient programs after detox, clients benefit from a continuum of care that provides them with the skills and coping mechanisms required to remain sober and reduce their risk of relapse.

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Extended Care Treatment – Recovery Life Academy

ASAP Rehab offers a structured extended care program to help clients build on the foundation made in residential treatment and overcome the concerns and obstacles that can occur as the client re-enters their obligations of life, workplace and re-joining their families. Each client works together with their team to customize their specific needs, schedule and clinical options. In the initial transition from residential to the Recovery Life Academy some clients may continue to participate in some residential services if needed and at the same time building out their next steps.

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Partial Day Treatment

Partial Day treatment is best suited for clients transitioning from residential care or who have been in intensive outpatient and need more support. The titration in treatment levels helps to insure the best outcomes for lasting recovery. Partial day treatment is the next supportive steps from residential care.

Five hours per day, three to five days per week based on client need, clients participate in treatment services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient treatment is ideal for clients who need more structured support in their current recovery or are stepping down from a higher level of care. Intensive Outpatient Treatment provides therapy, community support, accountability and more, while still allowing the client time and engagement in daily living. A suitable client for this level of care has stability and engagement in recovery.

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Sober Transitional Living Residences

Sober Transitional Living provides clients with comfortable and safe environments that are designed to cultivate a sober, balanced lifestyle through structured guidelines and accountability. Our client that live in our Sober Transitional Living may participate in our Recovery Life Academy Extended Care, Partial Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment or may have succeeded in the continuum of care and continue to benefit from the accountability, community, random drug testing, and other types of recovery environment.

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Our client exit treatment and return home down the street, to another state, or another country. ASAP Rehab’s treatment team provides each client with a comprehensive discharge plan that will include referrals from a network of providers based on the client’s individual needs.

Our Alumni Program offers virtual support on social media networks and also through local and international events & meetings.

Follow up contact support encourages accountability and supports integration progress. Staff will follow up with each discharging client for support.

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