The Cost of Rehabilitation Care

How We Charge for Rehabilitation Care 

Our charges for rehabilitation care varies and is customized to each client’s clinical, medical and situational needs.  ASAP Rehab accepts most major insurances and often all or part of our program costs can be covered for the cost of treatment. We also offer a discount when self-pay is required for the cost of treatment. There are also options available  for financing medical care services and treatment. 

Our Financing Options for Rehabilitation Care 

Financing is available for those who qualify.* ASAP Rehab can work with independent loan organizations. You may have your own through private lending or click here to see if you qualify through Prosper Health.  No matter what the out come of the loan, please contact us at (626) 714 -1994 so that we can discuss the next steps of your life.

Loans from Prosper Health can cover treatment costs as well as other related services, depending on your situation. They feature multiple loan products with competitive rates.

Build a Support System to Help With the Cost of Care

Some clients have relied on friends, family and community support to help cover copays, deductibles and transitional living costs. Many think people won’t help, but that is not true. We can support you in asking for help. In addition, setting up social community account to request help can also provide resources for the cost of treatment.


An intervention can be the turning point necessary to start fresh and change someone’s life, ASAP Rehab offers professional intervention services for those who are in need of a specialist to help guide them through the process.


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