Drug Abuse & Exercise

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We all know that exercising regularly is a great way to reduce stress and ease depression, but did you know that working up a sweat can also help you kick substance abuse? New research shows that daily aerobic exercise altered dopamine levels in subjects in ways that made alcohol and substance abuse dramatically less rewarding.  The feel good chemical is released into our brains very much like it is during sex.

Additionally, people suffering from addictions often have reduced functioning in their brain’s frontal areas, which are involved in decision making and the ability to inhibit cravings.  Exercising increases the functioning of these areas.  One study found that alcoholics who participated in a running program only twice a week for 30-45 minutes at a time reduced their alcohol intake by 81 percent.

Drug Abuse and Exercise

Lastly, regular exercise improves sleep, energy and self esteem.  And you can do it anywhere for free.  So get moving! Once the doctor is able to clear you to participate in a regular exercise regime, you’ll be provided with access to the gym and a personal trainer. Contact us now for help with finding freedom from your addiction.