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ASAP Rehab Provides 24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

Detoxifying your body from drugs and alcohol can seem overwhelming; and almost always requires help from drug treatment providers for the best success for recovery and safety. ASAP Rehabs provides guests drug & alcohol detox from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates, stimulates and many other drugs and medications. Our 24-hour drug and alcohol detox center provides professional support staff, overseen by licensed medical physicians, appropriate protocols, insure individuals can detox safely, completely and comfortably. This is paramount in eliminating the once painful experience of detoxification, and so important as detox can propose life-threaten risk without such proper care.

Our Detox Services Are Aimed At Life Long Recovery

Many guests who come into drug & alcohol detoxification may not yet know what their next steps might be for lasting recovery – this is not uncommon. In fact, many are not even cognitively ready to participate in group or individual therapy fully until Drug & Alcohol detoxification is complete. However, once cleared by the medical team, we encourage clients to attend treatment to sustain life long recovery. One strong benefit to participating in ASAP Rehab’s drug & alcohol detoxification is the continuum of care in ASAP Rehab Treatment Programs. The beginnings of community building, therapeutic alliance, safety, trust, and treatment planning is already occurring which are the foundation for next steps in fully being treated.

How Long Does It Take To Detox At ASAP Rehab?

Many guests complete drug & alcohol detox within 3 to 10 days of admission to our detox center. However, it is most important that the client is comfortable and safe thus allowing fort the best success for recovery, relapse prevention and motivation for sustainable recovery. Each guest is different, and their medical needs, or the amount of drugs or alcohol they have been using, can affect time frames. Some detoxification time frames could take weeks and each detox is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Why Choosing ASAP Rehab To Detox Is A Smart Choice

By enrolling in our licensed detoxification services at the ASAP Rehab detox center, any guest can begin their recovery process with a strong foundation. Choosing to enroll in our residential or outpatient programs after detox, guests benefit from a continuum of care that provide them with the skills and coping mechanisms required to remain sober and reduce their risk of relapse.

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