Dual diagnosis

Addiction & Mental Health Disorders in Pasadena, CA

Dual Diagnosis is common with those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. For those facing addiction problems, there are often other issues that can complicate the process of recovery. Mental health disorders can be contributing factors that are directly linked with addiction, and oftentimes those in treatment do not get the necessary help for both substance abuse and mental health.

At ASAP Rehab, we offer our clients an effective dual diagnosis treatment program that will help them successfully discover and/or cope with mental health disorders, as well as understand the relationship between the disorder and addictive behavior.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, CA | ASAP Rehab

Specialized Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

Dual diagnosis is a common problem that can create a more complex path to recovery. Without specialized treatment for dual diagnosis, patients have a much higher risk of relapse and may find it more difficult to reach a healthy and balanced recovery. Our dual diagnosis program caters to individual needs, allowing each client to form a foundation that will develop into long-term recovery.

A person suffering from both a mental health disorder and addiction will experience a perpetual cycle in which one will continue to influence the other. Common conditions that can co-occur with addiction are:

The symptoms of these mental health disorders can cause a person to engage in substance abuse as a form of temporary relief; substance abuse is commonly used as a solution for the mental health disorder. When a person is experiencing depression or anxiety, they often turn to alcohol or drugs in order to take the edge off. Substance abuse may seem to alleviate mental health symptoms in the short term, but it ultimately serves to worsen a person’s disorder.

Contributing Factors

In some cases, substance abuse can actually cause a mental health disorder that did not exist previously. This is due to the dramatic effect substances of abuse can have on the neurochemical functioning of our brain – negatively affecting an individual’s physical and mental health. However, there is hope… the brain has “neuroplasticity”, which means the physical attributes of the brain can heal; providing mental, emotional and functional healing as well.  Whether substance abuse precedes or follows the development of a disorder, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary to improve a patient’s overall well-being.

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