Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Help

Having an eating disorder is an all-consuming lifestyle. There are few moments in any given hour of any given day that your thoughts are not on food, weight and body image. Everyone, including you at one time, thinks it is about the food, but it’s not, at all. It’s about control and at some point, what once was the one thing you could control now seems to control you. In essence, it has turned on you, taken you hostage. It is like being trapped in a prison in your mind.

Break Free of the Cycle

Does this sound familiar? Those of us that work in eating disorder treatment have sat with countless sufferers that share these very words or others like them. Some of us have even said them ourselves. We know your pain. We also know your fears. It is not an easy choice…to go on to the bitter end with your eating disorder or to give it up. It is hard to know what life will be without it. There is an old saying that goes something like “it is easier to stay with the pain you know then to change for the happiness you don’t.” Or is it?

Do you want to be free of the endless unsupportive thoughts and have a healthy relationship with your food? Do you wish to find happiness, joy, and freedom? How much longer can you stay a prisoner of your eating disorder?

The fear comes from the unknowing – what if? What if I don’t have my eating disorder. Who will I be without it? How will I survive without it? These are normal fears and resolvable. Getting eating disorder treatment and the tools to lean on to replace the reach for the eating disorder helps to get in touch with your true self. Treatment will help get you out of your head and in touch with your heart.

Healing and recovering from an eating disorder is possible. One thing that stands true for each and every person in recovery is that they did not do it alone and they rely on a support system to sustain it. You are enough. You deserve to be happy and you never have to be alone again. Take a deep breath and call. You are worth it.

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