Family Support For Addiction

Using The Family System To Heal Addiction

Family support is an important part of our program. Our clients’ families are welcomed into participation in the treatment process from the point of intake to discharge. Our Family Support program is here  to provide you information about addiction, the family system and how the family dynamics play a role in the addiction process and the recovery process. We are here to support you to find resources during your loved one’s care. We know how hard it has been for you and you have been managing a lot. It is time to let go and take care of you. That is the best way to take care of of your loved one right now.

Family Support and Arriving to Treatment

Our intake department can provide family support in helping to coordinate travel arrangements to ASAP Rehab and pick up clients or their families at the airport any time. Within 48-72 hours, we will contact significant others to help integrate the family into the client’s treatment planning. Contact us now to arrange admission.

Family Support in Treatment

Each client is assigned to a primary therapist who will be the family’s main point of contact. When the client is ready to work on family or relationship issues therapy, education and family support for clients’ family members is provided in person or via Skype. Family support education about the disease of addiction, communication skills, strengthening recovery support are just some of the goals in family work. We know everyone’s family system can be defined in a different way and we welcome supportive individuals that have relationships with the client whether that’s a parent, spouse/partner, sibling or other family friend. Family therapy is reliant on the needs of the client. We have deep regard for all rapport and cannot contact any family members without client consent.

We have expert addiction-specialists standing by ready to speak confidentially with you. Call us today!