Founder’s Message

Hello, my name is Arthur Harris and thank you for visiting our website. I started Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs, or ASAP in 2008. I was unfamiliar with the disease of Addiction until 2006. At that time a very close relative of mine had developed an addiction to Cocaine and Alcohol and was subsequently arrested. Fortunately, the Judge who heard the case sentenced him to a Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab. That is where my journey began.

Substance Abuse Treatment

ASAP is a small Residential Drug and Alcohol facility located in the foothills of Pasadena. I intentionally limited the number of Residents to offer optimal care. In larger facilities, Residents can “hide” or get lost in the crowd. With only 6 beds per house, we can ensure that no one goes unnoticed; furthermore, having a small clientele allows us to adjust our treatment to our client’s needs. A 19-year-old male Heroin addict would have different needs than a middle age single Mother who is with us for Alcohol Addiction Help. Once a client is finished with their Drug and/or Alcohol Detox they may begin their journey down the Road to Recovery. Our clients participate in a series of group sessions with our counselors, as well as individual sessions. One client remarked, “The best thing about ASAP is there’s always someone to talk to. Even if there isn’t anything scheduled.” We treat not only the disease of addiction; we also have a Therapist that works with our clients one-on-one to help with the emotional components that lead them to and keep them in their addictions. And one of the things that we do better than any other Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles is our Family Days. Family Day is every Sunday. The purpose of this day is to educate the loved ones of our clients on the nature of Addiction and what they can do to help maintain our Client’s sobriety. The day is capped off with a lunch provided by ASAP. Visitors are more than welcome to participate by bringing their favorite dish… And many do. Saturdays are our Outing days. Oft times when people are getting Alcohol Addiction Help or Drug Treatment they cannot imagine having a fun life sober. The purposes of the Outings is to prove that notion untrue. In the past, we have done things as elaborate as Deep Sea Fishing, 6 Flags, or Go Kart Racing, as well as more sedate adventures like a trip to The Getty Museum, a day at the Beach, or going to the movies. No other Alcohol Rehab in Pasadena shows their clients such as diverse entertainment during the downtime of the Treatment Program. Physical Fitness is also a major part of our Program. Upon admission, a Resident is given a membership to LA Fitness. A Counselor takes the Residents 3 times a week to work out. Participation is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. When the weather is nice we also go for hikes in beautiful Eaton Canyon. There is not one magic bullet to conquering addictions; however, we feel that our multi-faceted approach is why we have a higher-than-average success rate when it comes to Drug Recovery and Alcohol Recovery.

Aftercare and Alcohol/Drug Recovery

One of the questions I’m most often asked is, “What happens once a Resident leaves?” ASAP offers something of which I am unaware any other Drug Rehab in California offers. We have what we’ve termed “The Alumni Program.” The Alumni Program is offered to any former client who graduated from ASAP in good standing. It simply states that once out of our care, if a client is having a bad day and feels the temptation to drink or use, they can spend 1-2 nights at ASAP free of charge, provided they come in sober. Once they test clean, they are permitted to hang out in a safe environment until they feel steady enough to go back home; they can even speak with a counselor. I feel that the best advertisement is someone staying sober. To that end, we do not abandon our Clients after they discharge. I know that life happens, and sometimes it can be too much to bear early on in Drug and Alcohol Recovery… but we’re here for you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Staff

The staff at ASAP is truly caring and compassionate to our clients. All of our counselors are either accredited by the California Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), or in the process of getting their certification. Our counselors bring years of experience they have acquired by working at some of the finest Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles. Upon enrolling, you will find men and women who have not only walked the path that you are on but can tell you from first-hand experience how to better your life.

Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox

Although we are a licensed Alcohol Rehab in California, ASAP is also licensed for Residential Detox. We have a licensed medical doctor that comes in to evaluate our clients. When a client comes to us for detox they are welcome to stay until they are stable enough to leave. We realize that everyone is different and detoxes accordingly. During their detox, the client is welcome to participate as much as they are physically able. If they choose to continue their Alcohol or Drug Recovery with us, the cost for the detox will be credited towards a Residential Program.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

ASAP offers Outpatient Services for Drug Treatment, as well as Alcohol Treatment. The Outpatient Rehab Program is essentially the same as the Residential Program. The only difference is the client doesn’t sleep at ASAP. They can go home or to a Sober Living House. We strongly discourage Clients from doing Outpatient too early in their Drug or Alcohol Recovery. We would rather have a client start Residential treatment, and then step down to Outpatient. This is only because staying sober is tough. There are many tools that one needs in order to not relapse. Our desire is to teach you how to maintain your sobriety and then test the waters in the real world by trying Outpatient. However, we realize that not everyone is able to do this, and we will design a program that we feel is best under the circumstances.

Founder's Message

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