Personal Chef Services

Farm to Table

Your personal chef will utilize local organic farmers to prepare your daily meals with the freshest ingredients. Your meals will be prepared from scratch everyday. Your personal chef will help you develop a personalized plan to avoid processed foods and local food delivery services. Meals are prepared from the heart for you to enjoy and feel a sense of comfort.

Menu Development

You will work with a professional trained chef to establish a meal plan for your recovery journey. While some of us have been consuming less than the daily recommended calorie intake, others have been consuming more. Upon completion of detox, you will have the opportunity to complete a nutritional assessment and develop a foundation for healthy calorie consumption.

Our Executive Chef is the CEO and Founder of Fatboy’s Food Truck. All of our recipes were created by our Executive Chef and tested by his customers. Here at ASAP Rehab, you will develop a skill set that allows you care for your nutritional needs in a manner that you were incapable of doing before.