Psychiatric Care & Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, CA

Psychiatric care needs are important for those suffering from addiction. In recovery, it is important to address every aspect of your health in order to create a stable foundation for sobriety. Behavioral health problems can interfere with a person’s ability to recover effectively, and these issues require special treatment while in a rehab facility so that they do not continue to be problematic for the patient.

At ASAP Rehab we offer specialized psychiatric care so that our patients can address their mental health; ensuring their ability to maintain a balanced approach to recovery. This is possible because we understand the value of treating issues of both mental health and addiction. It is the goal of our medical director, a psychiatrist specializing in addiction medicine, that each client receives the proper treatment to help them set a solid foundation for recovery.

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Psychiatric Care – Understanding Issues of Mental Health

Psychiatric care is imperative to understand how mental instability can fuel addiction and cause further problems if it is not treated professionally; even during periods of abstinence. In our psychiatric care program, patients can benefit from a combination of counseling and medication, if necessary, that assist in the reduction of mental health symptoms which coincide with their addiction. Even if a patient in addiction treatment is not diagnosed with a specific dual diagnosis, they may still be dealing with the type of depression and anxiety that often accompanies addiction and alcoholism that requires psychiatric care. Our psychiatrist and psychiatric care team specializes in addiction medicine, and she is able to differentiate between permanent and temporal mental health deficiencies, allowing her to effectively treat patients in either situation.

Substance abuse creates a roller-coaster of emotions and shifting psychological states. Even after completing detoxification and withdrawal, many people in recovery are left with complicated psychological or behavioral problems that can affect their ability to stay sober. Psychiatric care can take the form of individual and group counseling, as well as medication, to treat symptoms. Individual counseling offers patients the opportunity to discuss their problems with a caring and knowledgeable therapist that will provide them with solutions to improve their mental state.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

At ASAP Rehab, we understand the value of having a multi-faceted approach. Our medical director is a licensed psychiatrist who specializes in addiction medicine. Through counseling, patients reach individual goals and change their behavior to become more positive and stable. Group counseling can provide patients with a support system of peers who offer their helpful advice and empathy. Connecting with others in group counseling can be an important way to improve the mental health of every patient. Receiving psychiatric care throughout rehab is a way for patients to feel more in tune with their mental health and understand how it affects their addiction.

Counseling and medication, when appropriate, can help patients reach a positive state of mind and avoid the type of depression and anxiety symptoms that contribute to further substance abuse. Through our psychiatric care program at ASAP Rehab, every person in recovery can improve their lives while achieving both sobriety and psychological well-being.

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