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Recovery Life Academy ™: Sober Living Solutions in Pasadena, CA

ASAP Rehab is proud to partner with Recovery Life Programs to host Recovery Life Academy ™ workshops for next steps in sober living or enhancing recovery. Optimum wellness is obtained by constantly renewing and enhancing your foundation of recovery. Recovery Life Academy ™ offers a variety of workshops that provide tools and processes that you experience during the workshop and can take home to integrate in your sober living. Recovery Life Academy ™ workshops are for those who are active and motivated in recovery and want to enhance their recovery, or perhaps have a block or blind spot, or have had a recent life challenge that they want to push through.

Recovery Life Academy ™ offers the following at ASAP Rehab:

Recovery Life Fun, Food & Health – runs Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon of the week it is scheduled. Recovery Life Fun, Food & Health helps each participant have a full view of and make adjustments to the balance in their recovery. We often get caught-up in our work, obligations and basics for living in recovery. This workshop will bring back the fun, nurture the body and optimum health. Enhance you recovery now through Recovery Life Academy’s Recovery Life Fun, Food & Health workshop. $1200*

Recovery Life Adventure Within – Take time out to begin your adventure within on Friday evening and deepen your process through Sunday afternoon of the week Recovery Life Adventure Within is scheduled. The Recovery Life Adventure Within workshop can help you push through blocks or expose blind spots that are holding you back in realizing your full potential through adventure therapy. This process gets you out of the therapist office and gets you into your body and soul. $2500*

Recovery Life Soul Journey – Drop down into the heart and soul of the matter in Recovery Life Soul Journey. Get in touch with the balance of your passion, quiet intuition, and groundedness. Participants in the Recovery Life Soul Journey can experience the depth of their soul and learn how to access the strength and wisdom from within. Each Recovery Life Soul Journey begins on Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon of the week it is scheduled. $3400*

Recovery Life Enhancement – From Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon of the week it is scheduled. Recovery Life Enhancement combines the benefits of our Recovery Life Fun, Food & Health & Recovery Life Soul Journey – a complete mind, body, soul package. $4000*

Recovery Life Optimum – The complete series over an entire week. Recovery Life Optimum starts Monday morning through Sunday afternoon of the week it is scheduled and provides each participant an opportunity for full recovery renewal. Attend Recovery Life Optimum for balance, to push through limiting blocks, and deepen your soul connection. An unforgettable life changing, enhancing experience. $7500*

*Cost includes: all clinical, educational and activity processes done within the workshop. Cost does not include, lodging, meals, or transportation.

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