Our tastefully appointed homes provide clients in detox, residential addiction treatment and extended care treatment a comfortable safe community setting for their recovery. Each housing facility offers our clients the delicate balance between the privacy needed to work safely through the shame of their addictions and connection with a community that understands what they are going through. In addition, our recovery support staff is available twenty-four hours a day to support them at each residence.

While we, do and can, offer private rooms we encourage clients to accept a semi-private room setting to avoid the inclination to isolate especially at the beginning of their care. Some clients are predisposed to do so, while others can withdraw to isolate as they begin their healing process so connection with others is very important.

Our accommodations for treatment include chef prepared meals. Our clients find the support around mealtime, helpful in the early stages of recovery. Many who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have not done well caring for themselves and will come into treatment malnourished at some level. Having support encourages their nutritional wellness. Later in their recovery process it is important that they become involved in meal preparation and grocery shopping. Sober living clients are ready to take on that responsibility and are responsible for their own meals. 

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