The Notre Dame Fire: Among the Wreckage, there is Hope

Notre Dame

In the coming days, the damage of the catastrophic fire that ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral will be brought to light. The beauty of the building before the fire was jaw dropping. However, it’s hard not to see the beauty of the fire ravaging such a historical place. Even a building that has been a staple in landscape of the City of Lights for centuries; a building that has withstood wars and violence, is vulnerable to falling.

You can apply the fire to your own life, and recovery journey. When you feel like your life is under attack and everything is burning to the ground, there is beauty in the madness. When you use drugs and alcohol to numb the hard stuff that happens in your life, you lose a piece of yourself. Addiction turns you into someone you’re not. You cause destruction to yourself and the world around you.

Even in the midst of the broken parts of your life, there is beauty and redemption. Just like the Notre Dame is going to be rebuilt, you can be rebuilt too. Restoration is a process that takes time. It will take years to rebuild the Notre Dame, and things will change in the process. It’s not going to look the exact same way it did before the fire.

Recovery takes time.

Your recovery journey is going to take time, too. You’re not going to be the same person you were before you entered treatment when it’s time to leave. Change is going to be hard, but you will walk out of treatment knowing that doing the hard stuff is worth it. The longer you do the hard stuff, the easier it’s going to get.

Don’t let a catastrophic event make you realize you need to get help. The Notre Dame needed a lot of renovations before the fire. Imagine what could have been if only the renovations were carried out when they first needed to be done, gradually overtime. Now even more money is going to have to spent to not only repair the damage done, but to repair what needed to be repaired before the fire. If you’re struggling with substance abuse issues, don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out for help. Get help now, before the problem turns into an even bigger problem.

Help is available 24 hours a day.