The ASAP Experience

The ASAP Experience

ASAP Rehab helps with the Addiction issues fueling the urge to drink or use drugs, and the strong cravings and desire to use once again. Drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome with the combination of the emotional and psychological pull the are created by the use of substance abuse . During detox, the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal are added to the equation, and many addicts do not have the strength to continue their journey of recovery and relapse. That is why it is essential to have a proper environment of support for recovery that begins during the initial detox phase.

At ASAP Rehab, we offer medically supervised detox services, in addition to our drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Detoxing from some substances, especially alcohol, can be life threatening. That is why we have a doctor who manages the detox. The doctor assesses the client and prescribes the appropriate course for treatment, as well as ensuring the client remains in good health. The appropriate detox method will depend on the substance to which a person is addicted and the duration that he or she has been using. It may include using certain drugs to appease the symptoms of withdrawal, such as headaches and nausea.

Typically, a person undergoing the detox services at ASAP Rehab will stay for 7-10 days, although we do not rush the process. Clients are welcome to stay for as long as it takes. During the detox treatment, the client can participate in our group therapy sessions and meet one on one with our therapist, as long as they are physically well enough to do so. Once a client has completed the detox treatment, he or she can choose to stay and partake in our residential recovery services or enroll in our outpatient services. These services include individual and group psychotherapy for addiction and any co-occurring disorders.

By enrolling ASAP Rehab’s licensed detox services, a client can begin the recovery process with a strong foundation. Choosing to enroll in our residential or outpatient programs after detox, clients benefit from a continuum of care that provide them with the skills and coping mechanisms required to remain sober and reduce their risk of relapse.

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