Women’s Addiction Treatment

Women’s Addiction Treatment

Our women’s addiction treatment addresses unique issues specific to women. We focus on the impact of women’s addictions and co-occurring disorders. Our compassionate approach addresses the shame, trauma, and unique challenges women face in their recovery. We help women process and address self-defeating thoughts, codependency, self-esteem, and attitudes and behaviors that hold women back from the belief that they can live in strength. We help them see the courage that they see in others, yet cannot see in themselves, within. Our program builds a strong community and develops therapeutic alliances that help with overcoming the shame and trauma needed to solidify recovery to create life balance.

When two diagnosable sets of symptoms apply to one person, this is known as a “dual diagnosis” or co-occurring disorder. In addition, process addictions may be present and become more evident as the women’s addiction treatment begins and the drug and alcohol addiction symptoms fade.

Co-occurring Disorders and Process Addictions

Co-occurring disorders and process addictions often go hand in hand. Addressing these through the needs of the treatment plan and therapies helps each client resolve any co-occurring and/or process addictions. While treating women’s addictions

Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders & Process Addictions can Include the Following:

Often, these become more prevalent as the drug and/or alcohol addiction is treated. Therefore, it is important to address co-occurring disorders during the woman’s addiction treatment.

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