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Young Adult Rehab for Substance Abuse Treatment in Pasadena, CA

ASAP Rehab offers programs for clients ages 18 to 30. Often the guests struggling with substance abuse also experience difficulty transitioning into adulthood and finding a path of purpose. Our multidisciplinary young adult rehab program is designed to help our guests recover from drug addiction and make lasting changes in their lives.

Young adults requiring detox, residential treatment, partial day treatment, intensive outpatient and/or transitional programs, can expect the comprehensive treatment that ASAP Rehab is acclaimed for; and the Recovery Life Academy to support the lasting recovery and life changes needed to live it.

Our dynamic Young Adult Rehab program features include:

  • Supervised integrated real-world experiences into substance abuse rehab treatment that gives guests an opportunity to assume challenges and manage the stressors that have so often derailed them in the past
  • Our team of experienced professionals, many of whom are in recovery themselves, support each guest through personalized treatment plans that meet each client where they are
  • Family support program
  • Custom focus on nutrition, sleep and hygiene for optimum health and restoration benefits to support growth in recovery
  • Recovery Life Academy program to integrate recovery into daily living – design and build a recovery life that supports healthy independence, self-esteem and sustainability
  • Alumni and continuing care resources and services that provide our guests with ongoing community support

The focus of our Young Adult Rehab program for each client is to stabilize, treat, instill life-skills and support, and transition into daily life. We are completely vested in our guests’ success for long-term integrated recovery living. Our substance abuse rehab program for young adults recommends that guests whom enter the program move through the levels of care needed that supports long-term recovery.


An intervention can be the turning point necessary to start fresh and change someone’s life, ASAP Rehab offers professional intervention services for those who are in need of a specialist to help guide them through the process.


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